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Catching up with Fairchild, Blazers’ new baseball coach

We recently caught up with coach Lance Fairchild, Blazers’ new baseball coach. We learned about his experience and future plans.
Joanna Mikolajczak
New North Lake baseball coach, Lance Fairchild demonstrates a proper batting stance during practice.

Q: How long have you played sports? 

A: I played football and ran track in middle school. A little basketball as well, but baseball has always been my sport, I started when I was three. It was kind of always the one I was best at and I think that made me like baseball the best and  continue with it.

Q: How long have you been coaching?

A: I’ve been coaching since I graduated in 2015 from college, from UT Permian Basin. 

Q: Where did you play baseball in high school or college?

A: I went to Rowlett High School, and I played there. Then I played at Cedar Valley. I played at UT Permian Basin and then I played four seasons of independent baseball, it’s a professional baseball. It’s pretty much like minor leagues, but the only difference is those teams are not attached to a major league club. 

Q: What position did you play?

A: I was outfield and pitcher in high school and in my freshman year in college. For my sophomore year on, I was a pitcher.

Q: Who was your biggest supporter in your sport domain?

A: Oh, definitely my family. They have definitely always been there supporting me since I was three until now.

They are still supporting me through my baseball journey. So definitely my mom and dad. They’re awesome.

Q: How about your favorite sports stars?

A: I’m a Texas Rangers fan, but one player that really stands out to me is probably Mike Trout from the Angels. He’s just got a good character and does things right. He’s not a flashy guy or anything like that. He just does what you’re supposed to do, and high character and plays the game. 

Q: Who is your favorite baseball team and player?

A: I’m a Texas Rangers fan, but one player that really stands out to me is Mike Trout from the LA Angels. He has a good character and does things right. He’s not a flashy guy or anything like that. He does what you’re supposed to do and plays the game right. He’s respectful outside of the community and all those good things. 

Q: What’s your favorite part about coaching?

A: Obviously, winning games and building relationships with the players is awesome. But my favorite part is when that kid gets a scholarship, or he signs to a school that he really likes and he’s excited to go. I think that’s my favorite part by far, helping them get there.

Q: What inspired you to begin coaching?

A: Probably my freshman year or so in college, I knew I wanted to coach because baseball is my passion. If I didn’t play baseball, I don’t know how far I would of pursued my academics. I see what playing baseball at this level can provide for you. 

I went to Cedar Valley, I was able to play, I was close to home, and (baseball) really kept me in school, kept me inspired. 

I kept going (to school) just because I had opportunities to keep playing baseball. I know it does the same for every player that comes through a program. That’s what inspired me, helping those guys continue school, hopefully be part of a good winning team, have fun, and get a degree and be set up for life.

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