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International student tackles obstacles

Being an international student is a remarkable and transformative experience. However, living in a foreign country comes with a bunch of challenges.

It is challenging to settle into a new environment, deal with homesickness, form relationships, do well in school, and adjust to a new educational system. But it’s critical to keep in mind that these difficulties serve as a chance in disguise, opportunities for growth, and the creation of lifelong memories.

The saying “change comes from inside,” is something that has helped me tackle problems. The first thing I suffered when I came to Michigan was homesickness. Everything around me was new and I felt all alone in that big city, but I took that as an opportunity to grow within myself. So, I started joining clubs and international student societies available in my school and community.

I started to come out of my comfort zone by making new friends and keeping a journal to track my personal growth. Most of the time I tried to keep myself busy, and during my free time I would explore a new environment as a hobby.

When you are an international student, you will find a lot of students like yourself in your classes and student clubs. In such scenario you can embrace that diversity and take it as an opportunity to learn new things. The thing is, everyone has something good to offer so keeping yourself engaged will help you grow and enjoy in the new environment you’re in.

Another aspect will be the academic challenges. This is something every student should be aware of because different countries have different teaching styles. I have personally gone through that problem of losing grades due to my negligence.

So, everyone should be attentive about what is happening in their classes. You should make a study routine and try to follow up with the deadlines. Teachers are helpful without hesitation, and they give you the best advice if you ask.

There are certain financial problems especially when someone lives alone. Most of the students I have seen living in Texas cities has been through this experience. A lot of parents pay for the rents of their sons and daughters living in the United States, but it is hard for us to find a place to live due to the absence of a social security number and a guardian to show their income.

In such scenario, Dallas College advisors might be able to help you through this. When I was in my previous school at Saginaw Valley State University, before coming to North Lake Campus, I talked with the advisor over there, and they helped me get a taxpayer identification number. SVSU had various programs within their school where I could volunteer to work, which then helped me acquire an ID.

Most of the students, who I have met that have transferred to a community college from a university, have no idea what they are studying. They choose the classes for their associate degree, but they do not seem to look over the whole catalog of degrees or transferable credits.

I think as an international student you should be more connected with a college advisor who may help you make decisions for what you really want to study. That way you will not be wasting time taking classes of unwanted subjects for your major.

Apart from that, international student enrollment is so high that there are not enough mentors around campus who can help you when you need it. The only way to tackle all those problems is by trying to find a unique solution for yourself. Without hesitation, I have tried my best to ask for help when I needed it. The more you get involved in campus, the more you will be familiar with the solutions to the problems you have as an international student and built a support system to guide you to the right answers

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