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Catching up with Hadley Klock

North Lake volleyball player No.13, talked about playing volleyball, future plans, and what this season means for her and her team.
Joanna Mikolajzak
Hadley Klock, Blazer’s setter, dishes out a serve against Coffeyville Community College during the Oct. 14 home game.

Q: When did you begin playing volleyball?

A: I first started playing volleyball when I was about 11-years- old, I played on a team called Little Diggers.

Q: What did you enjoy about the sport when you started playing on the Little Digger’s team?

A: When I first started playing I enjoyed getting to learn something new and running around.

Q: Why did you choose North Lake’s volleyball team?

A: I chose North Lake’s volleyball team for a few reasons, one being I really like Coach Cathy and her coaching style. Another reason being that I really wanted to help bring the team to more victories than they had last year.

Q: What volleyball position do you play for the Blazers?

A: I am a setter for North Lake and I’m a freshman, I usually play six rotations.

Q: Who or what has helped you improve your game?

A: My biggest supporter has probably been my family and boyfriend, I wouldn’t be where I am without them being by my side every step of the way. Improving my game as been very mentally tough but I know I’ve grown so much.

Q: What was your greatest challenge this season?

A: As a team, I think we struggled with being consistent in our game play.

Q: Has this season gone as you hoped or are there any disappointments?

A: This season has gone how I hoped and so much more, there has been a few disappointments where we lost games we should have won but at the end of the day we knew we were the better team.

Q: What’s your favorite memory with your team?

A: I have a few memories that stick out in my head and most of them are when we’ve played at our peak and had fun on the court. Not worrying about the score and just enjoying the game.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: A few of my goals are to continue playing volleyball at a higher level and sharing my love for the game and shine God’s light everywhere I go.

Q: Are you planning on transferring to a university and play volleyball there?

A: I am hoping to transfer to A&M Corpus Christi to play volleyball and major in marine biology.

Q: When does the season end? Will the team head to a playoff or championship game this season?

A: The latest we will be playing is Nov. 10, I believe. I’m pretty sure we will be going to the playoffs, but I don’t know about the championships yet.

Hadley Klock, Blazer’s setter, dishes out a serve against Coffeyville
Community College during the Oct. 14 home game. (Joanna Mikolajzak)
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