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Attack on Titan reaches its peak in plot intensity

Eren Yeager in his Attack Titan form proceeding the rumbling to destroy the world

“Attack on Titan: Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS SPECIAL 2” was released on Nov. 4. After almost a decade, the best manga series of this generation has finally come to an end.

Despite the extended wait, I believe it could have functioned effectively as a single movie rather than two specials.

The special’s excellence and storytelling create a lasting impression on both devoted fans and those new to the series, ensuring a memorable journey.

The final season was produced by the animation studio MAPPA and directed by Shishido and Yuichiro Hayashi. Studio MAPPA’s outstanding animation and the blending of 2D and 3D elements elevate the enjoyment of Attack on Titan Special 2. Meticulous attention to detail conveys diverse emotions, from intense sequences to reflective moments. Character movements, action scenes, and visual aesthetics enhance storytelling, creating an immersive and visually captivating narrative in this impressive production.

The final chapter of the final season begins promptly where the first special concluded eight months ago. Armin, Mikasa, Levi, and their remaining allies plunge right on top of Eren’s enormous Titan form to liberate him from Ymir’s control and prevent the rumbling from wiping out the remnants of humanity.

The heroes also are urgently trying to find and defeat Zeke while preventing Eren’s plan. Their main challenge is that they don’t have a single clue where Zeke and Eren are within the maze of white bones they’re on. Adding to the difficulties, a massive force of Titans, symbolizing the previous Nine Titans, is emerging from the Attack Titan’s body to hinder their efforts.

In Special 2, Eren’s motives for the Rumbling are revealed. While this doesn’t excuse his destructive actions, it offers more insight into his choices. These revelations challenge viewers’ preconceptions of Eren, adding complexity.

The intentional storytelling tactic of keeping Eren mysterious builds suspense and intrigue, maintaining audience engagement.

Special 2 also emphasizes the series’ core themes, completing the narrative circle effectively. Key ideas like freedom, sacrifice, and the repetitive nature of conflict take center stage, encouraging viewers to reflect on their significance within the story’s context. These fundamental themes, present since the series’ start, gain deeper exploration and complexity in this final season.

The finale of Attack on Titan may generate varied responses from fans anticipating a more optimistic outcome.

Mikasa and her allies find relative peace in their post-conflict lives, but the ending credits reveal Paradis Eldians progressing technologically amid ongoing conflicts and widespread destruction.

Despite Eren’s defeat and Ymir’s eventual peace, the cycle of violence endures, causing the deaths of 80% of the world’s population.

The ending realistically portrays the perpetuity of war, and while Eren aims to empower Eldians, his actions prove insufficient to shield them from future retribution. The narrative underscores the recurring theme of a society grappling with a ceaseless cycle of recovery and conflict, prompting reflection on whether Eren’s intentions were just but his methods flawed, and whether his contributions ultimately mattered.

“Attack on Titan: The Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS SPECIAL 2” showcases the pinnacle of the series. Its outstanding animation, voice performances, and character progression, along with the exploration of key themes and narrative, create an absorbing and reflective encounter.

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