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Dallas College students’ take on total solar eclipse

 For the first time in 146 years, the city of Dallas was graced with the sight of a total solar eclipse. 

On April 8, Dallas College held a Eclipse Bash to celebrate the viewing of the total solar eclipse in each one of its campuses. 

The total solar eclipse has a myriad of interpretations across cultures. For some, the event is perceived as a harbinger of the end times. For others, it’s a moment to refrain from viewing and offer prayers or to just thank God. 

“Spiritually, it was a mesmerizing moment to see how humans become so in awe of these little things that are not so little that are, in my opinion, divinely aligned and created by God,” student Ariana Villareal said, “Seeing how we can come together and admire the sun and the moon and admire the world in general so that was very beautiful.” 

But what is the solar eclipse? I’m not talking about the total eclipse of the heart. I’m talking about the fantastic Eclipse that occurred, during which, for 3 minutes and 51 seconds, each Dallas College campus experienced the song going dark in its location. 

According to NASA, a solar eclipse occurs when, at a precise moment, the moon aligns itself between the sun and Earth, casting a shadow on our planet. 

Astronomy student Darlene Ramirez said, “The orbits of both the sun and the moon tend to cross paths.” Eclipses like these don’t happen often. 

Ramirez said, “Total eclipses are definitely something so unique and beautiful yet after the occurrence nothing else should be expected.” 

Her understanding and perspective made things a bit more unique for those who see a religious and scientific understanding. 

“With a Catholic background and a focus on astrophysics in my studies, I find that my perspective often reflects a blend of scientific reasoning and religious beliefs. I acknowledge the scientific explanation for phenomena such as eclipses, while also considering the interpretations found in religious texts like the Bible,” Ramirez said. 

Some people may view the eclipse as a harbinger of the end times or a sign of good things to come, but Ramirez said she views this experience as a rare and precious occurrence. “The opportunity to witness a total eclipse should be cherished if it arises again,” she said. 

Richland student Leticia Laranjeira said, “It might not have changed the course of the world or realigned the stars to bring good energy or any of the other theories about it. But it made me remember that every day we have something to look out for, and there is beauty in everything, even the things we look at every day.” 

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