Drag Queen Sweep Through North Lake with Fashion Show


Roberto Aguilar

Ms. Penny Cost, aka Isaac Simmons, spoke about her experiences of being a drag queen and intrigued the crowd with her performances.

The North Lake Campus held an LGBTQ+ Student Summit panel that included various performances and a fashion show from individuals of the LGBTQ+ community on Oct. 14.

One such performer was Ms.Penny Cost, aka Isaac Simmons, who spoke about her experiences of being a drag queen and intrigued the crowd with her performances.

Simmons told the crowd what pronouns they identified themselves as. Simmions identifies as they/them, and their drag name, Ms. Penny Cost, goes by She/Her/Hers.

“[It’s] a fun way to express yourself,” Ms.Penny Cost said as she described what drag is.

Ms.Penny Cost is from a small Illinois town and has traveled the world to spread her message about drag. She also claims to be the first Drag Queen in the world to be a certified candidate for Ordination in the United Methodist Church.

Ms.Penny Cost told the crowd that her stage name is supposed to be “Pentecost.”

Other performances on the panel included Schollar the Artist, and Chris Brooks, a former Dallas College student.

Schollar the Artist performed ‘That’s Life’ from his new album Street Mythology. Schollar, the Artist spoke about his album and what inspired him to create the album.

“It’s about growing up being gay in a community that didn’t necessarily want to see me,” Schollar the Artist told the crowd.

Chris Brooks, whose Drag name stage name is Boleggs, performed Treat Me Like Somebody by Tink.

At times, the crowd engaged with the performers and was pleased with the performance.

After the performances, the attendees saw a fashion show where the audience participated, walked the runway, and stole the show with their outfits.

Ms.Penny Cost was the most notable performer, with a unique performance got the crowd to cheer, and her dresses intrigued the crowd.