Field Day provides stress relief for NLC


Heather Sherrill

Lady Blazer Piper Neumann (Front) and Madison Morgan (Back) laugh as they race each other in the sac race at NLC’s Field Day event.

Dallas College North Lake Campus held its very first Field Day, on Oct. 18 with a huge turnout.

“As far as I know this will be a yearly event,” said Steven Benezue, Coordinator of Stu- dent Activities and Engagement. “I think we had a very good turnout. The weather was quite cool in the morning keep- ing some away, but it warmed up in the afternoon and people came out to play and eat.”

This event took place at all seven campuses throughout the month. North Lake had two simultaneous events — Field day and Fall Fest.

Field day was held on the left side of the courtyard and con- sisted of tug of war, three-legged race, relay game and an obstacle course.

In order to participate in Field Day, students, staff and faculty had to visit the Health Center Tent and fill out a waiver. After that they gave you a smiley face stamp to let people know they were good to go. Then attendees could pick out a North Lake Field Day t- shirt in red or blue as well.

The Fall Fest was on the right side of the courtyard and had all the organized games like Connect 4, Jenga, bean toss, hula hoops and had food such as popcorn, cotton candy and Elote.

Student Isaiah Listenbee said, “It is a great way to get out of the office and class. To have a break to let loose. We definitely need more events like these.”

Even the high school students got a chance to race through the obstacle course and spend time with friends during
their break.

However, Field Day wasn’t just a way to relieve stress but for some it was a team building exercise.

“We went to field day and participated in the races to not only relax but to work on our communication skills,” Alexis Barthul, a North Lake volley- ball player, said. “It was fun, and I got to connect more with my teammates and forget about the last game we had.”

Teammate Taryn Shaw said, “It got us out of our heads for sure. We have been so stressed from the last game it was good to have an outlet.”

Both girls agreed that the three-legged race was the most challenging, because they really had to work together, and they believe that it will help them out on the court as well.

Benezue said, “We got good feedback, I think people had alotoffunandwanttoseeit come back again next year.”