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    Cult-classic is the next musical hit

    Erika Greear

    “Beetlejuice” is a musical horror, fantasy and comedy, all wrapped up into one that will truly leave you gasping for air, needing some tissues, and moved.

    The musical performance on Feb. 22 at the Fair Park Music Hall had a similar plot to the 1988 movie, but the story focused more on family.

    Specifically, a lonely teenage girl, Lydia, who becomes friends with a ghost when her family moves into their new home.

    This show set the bar high for any other production that plans to follow what they’ve put on.

    So, if you have the time and the money to go and watch this show, it is worth it.

    This show appeals to those who enjoy supernatural content. It’s not for people who don’t feel comfortable about the idea of death because the show talks about it a lot.

    The mention of demons made me uncomfortable, but everything else made me laugh and left me entertained.

    It’s hard to choose my favorite character, but it is definitely between Lydia and Beetlejuice. The characters are flawed and relatable in great productions such as this one.

    Lydia is a grieving teenage girl who misses her mom and would do anything to see her again. Like we all would have if we were in her shoes.

    Beetlejuice is very hilariously inappropriate. I enjoyed his comedy and his story of why he acts the way he does.

    He’s a heartbroken, lonely ghost who wants to experience love and a happy life, which he believes he’ll never get.

    Beetlejuice and Lydia were drawn to each other because they were heartbroken and wanted something to fill the void.

    So they made a deal which, of course did not last long, but it showed how they are not as different as we may think.

    It even showed the similarities we have with those characters when it comes to being lonely, mourning and unloved.

    The emotions both actors evoked made it feel like they’ve been through something similar in their personal lives. It felt natural and gave me a catharsis I’d never experienced.

    The set was beautiful. I admired the smooth transitions from the house to the afterlife and closing the curtains.

    The tech team did an excellent job with lighting, sound and effects. It perfectly captured the period they aimed for.

    Sometimes, the lighting and the sound create an emotional reaction to the play. When Lydia sang “Home” the set was isolated, but the tech decided to give her a bit of a spotlight and a moment just to cry and grieve the loss of her mother.

    Lydia’s performance of “Home” really moved the audience. It was a beautiful and relatable performance that almost brought me to tears despite not having experienced a similar loss.

    She reaizes she has so much more in her life to look forward to and to carry the loss of her mom with her.

    There were many musical numbers, but this one stood out and made me love Beetlejuice’s character even more.

    One thing I loved about this show, especially Beetlejuice, is that when he sang or monologues, they were not just about himself.

    When he sang a colossal number of “That Beautiful Sound” and a group of Beetlejuice just came out and sang with him.

    They followed him wherever he went, like one of the most self-centered numbers I’ve ever seen.

    I love him so much that it added to the enjoyment of the play. I remember him saying, “It’s all about me.”

    The audience was relentless, laughing and attentive to the actors’ words. From the risqué plot twists to the pop culture takes, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

    There was applause throughout the audience because of Beetlejuice’s quick wit and the fantastic dance numbers performed.

    I remember Beetlejuice was going on and on about being human, and he had this line that had the audience relate to him the most.

    He said, “I’d be fiscally conservative while socially liberal.” I don’t know why, but that was the most relatable line that made everyone laugh.

    Another reason is that we don’t need to have current pop culture pieces in place to make it more relevant when we’re doing a remake.

    This play is a 4 out of 5. I would not rate it a 5 because it differed from the original movie, andhad really hoped that it would not.

    The play had a lot to say about people and their relationships with those who have passed at some point.

    We have been Lydia, or we will be Lydia at some point, and I believe we’d do anything possible to see the person we love again. Even for just one moment.

    This show demonstrates there is life after loss. It’s not worth giving up everything, including your life, just to see a loved one again because you will reunite at some point. Until then, enjoy life now.

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