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Eclipse brings bad omen

Hindu temples are closed in observance
Ranzan Sigdel
The demon negative radiation effects the gods positive energy.

World religions viewed the total solar eclipse with fear and awe.

According to my religious belief as a Hindu from India, an extremely high negative radiation spread on Earth during the total solar eclipse.

At this time, Hindu temples were closed. We believe eclipses create an imbalance between good and bad forces that interfered with the temple’s positive energy and result in problems for worshipers and devotees. 

Temples reopened right after the eclipse concluded.

The practice of closing temples is carried forward from ancient times. 

It is regarded as a sign of respect for the cosmic powers which are firmly rooted in Hindu religious beliefs. Blessings are doubled for those who worships God during the actual eclipse phase of the sun and bad karma is reduced.

It’s seen as truth that all living creatures on Earth are affected in some or another by planetary events. Due to the Earth’s alignment during the eclipse, everything is processing fast which magnifies negative effects.

The combined pull of the sun and moon affects the aura around the temple goddesses, which are cleansed by rituals and chants (prayers) to regain their power.

The revolution of the moon takes place within two hours during the eclipse instead of one month. Cooked food is believed to rot faster during that time.

The food is seen as being damaged by radiation and harmful to our bodies. If we don’t eat it nothing happens.

The damage is believed to affect the health of those who eat it because nutritious food is in the stage of decomposing.

It’s not only happening to food but to all living creatures on Earth within the two hours of the eclipse.

After the eclipse everyone should take a bath to purify themselves and then pray to God to reduce the effect of negativity that will help them fight against the evil.

In India, devotees bathe in the holy rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

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