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Growth of AI affects us

Ranzan Sigdel

Artificial intelligence has been an important part of our lives. It excites and worries me at the same time.

I have always been excited about the innovation around the world since I was a computer science student.

The kind of innovation that AI is making has created a great impact on the lives of people through social media and smart devices.

Intelligent algorithms have become a part of our everyday lives assisting us with anything from managing our health to navigating traffic and book recommendations.

I find it amazing when I look at the overall AI development, but this technical marvel has a dark side as well. It has its positive and negative impact on people’s lives.

One way artificial intelligence has been a part of our lives is through various digital assistants including Siri, Alexa and Google Assistance.

I find it amazing how AI has changed industries, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of once labor-intensive tasks such as robotics and machine learning.

Robots and automated systems are capable of accurately and efficiently completing time consuming, physically taxing and repetitive activities.

It has sparked invention and creativity in ways we never would have predicted. Recently, Hollywood actors and writers have even protested against artificial intelligence, causing a strike.

Writers fear AI will take away script writing jobs from them because smart programs such as ChatGPT have shown to be capable of writing full movie and television scripts.

Through the new technology, background actors fear their image will be replicated and digitally used, as well as replicated for various other movies and television shows.

The invention of ChatGPT has also created a great impact on students who use the technology to find the solution for their queries. ChatGPT can also be used as a learning tool. Students may quickly and easily acquire information on a variety of school topics with ChatGPT.

Students can ask questions and get real-time answers, which is very useful if they need help right away with assignments or homework.

Adding to it, artificial intelligence-powered learning resources are accessible 24/7, in contrast to human tutors or teachers who are not available outside of their work hours.

This implies that students are able to get help and information at any time of day or night, as needed.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is used by social media platforms to analyze user behavior and preferences, recommend relevant content, and personalize the user experience.

AI systems are currently used to detect and remove hate speech, fake news, and other unwanted content.

Although AI can simplify our lives, if we are more embedded in it then it can start causing problems.

An over reliance on AI might result in the loss of critical abilities and information.

Even with the use of intelligent algorithms, personal details are being shared and there are problems caused in the privacy sector.

In the educational sector, ChatGPT has been helpful for students but it can affect the student’s independent or unique perspective and affect their performance negatively if they rely too much on AI.

Instead of honing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, AI might turn students into passive learners who anticipate having an answer to every query right away.

This kind of scares me as it might affect their ability to solve problems.

In addition, AI has caused a fear of job displacement as it is automating repetitive labor, thus our educational and workforce system needs to be rethought.

Like in the near future, robots being a machine, they don’t get tired and they can also work efficiently. It might cause problems for the employment sector.

Also, AI can be embraced as a tool that enhances human abilities and frees people to pursue more creative and fulfilling undertakings, rather than being seen as a threat.

Overall, intelligence algorithms are a two-edged sword that have enormous promise to our future but also presents a number of difficulties.

The future of artificial intelligence is up to us, its developers and consumers.

We need to take advantage of its potential to make people’s lives better while protecting against abuse and making sure the gains are distributed fairly.

Artificial intelligence is still in its early stages of development, and it is up to everyone to decide how it will end.

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